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Many of you know me as your current City Councilman, where I have brought new vision, perspective and leadership to our city. Others know me as a neighbor and civic champion who is committed to making sure Neptune Beach is the best place to live in Northeast Florida and beyond.

Neptune Beach is truly a place that embodies the best of community and quality of life. Our city’s greatest asset is our citizens who call it home. It is through collective hard work, aspirations and dedication to preserving and enhancing our “sense of place” that we will continue to be successful. This requires us to adopt a long-term vision, which leverages new ideas, opportunities and investments to effectively shape our future, while continuing to meet the needs of today and preserving the character that we all enjoy.

I am seeking your vote to keep me on City Council because our city needs a proven leader to maintain our momentum as we move into the next decade and beyond. We need participation from all our residents, so every one of us has a voice in building our community’s future, while maintaining our quality of life. Let’s leave a legacy the next generation can be proud of and carry forward.

These are some of the most exciting times in our nearly 90 year history – and we are just getting started. Join me to make Neptune Beach stronger today, tomorrow and for future generations.

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Support land use decisions that enhance our special beach community’s character and quality of life

Focus on public safety and support for our first responders who successfully ensure and maintain the safety of our residents and visitors

Encourage effective and meaningful community engagement and participation

Ensure greater government transparency and accountability

Committed to maintaining a fiscally-sound and flexible budget to address short-term needs without compromising long-term investments

Support existing and new local businesses that contribute to the health of our community

Identify potential public private partnerships (P3) to design, build and/or finance critical infrastructure needs or other functions

Promote urban design and regulatory tools to facilitate desired and predictable redevelopment and infill outcomes


Promote a safe and accessible walking and bicycling environment throughout our community

Development of a comprehensive Mobility Plan to encourage “people-focused” streets and infrastructure, to enhance livability, increase local revenues and attract economic development

Work with our neighbors in Jax Beach, Atlantic Beach, as well as the North Florida TPO and FDOT, to identify, plan and implement shared and infrastructure and amenity enhancements, such as pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle safety improvements for Penman Road or other opportunities to ensure safe, connected and continuous facilities for all

Optimize existing roadways and rights-of-way where possible for safety, efficiency and aesthetics

Ensure parking management plan fosters consumer choice, user information, and efficient utilization in the Town Center


Support resiliency strategies to proactively mitigate flood or other storm-related events, particularly in our coastal high hazard areas

Identify open space opportunities to improve physical, social, economic and environmental health of our community

Foster stewardship our of environmentally sensitive areas, including undeveloped wetlands, dune systems and vegetation, and estuarine systems

Promote low impact development (LID) policies and best management practices, including ecologically-friendly storm-water management

Continue to revamp Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code to better address conservation, open space and recreation elements